The establishment of this research network aims to identify affected families across Canada and to collect epidemiological data and biological samples for research purposes. In the long term, research into understanding the DICER1-related processes disrupted in mutation carriers may lead to important new insights that could influence the way pediatric cancer is prevented, diagnosed and treated. In the short term, the information acquired in this project will immediately impact affected families by enabling mutation carrier children to receive improved surveillance and early detection of DICER1-related tumors. We believe this network will contribute to improved awareness of the DICER1 pleiotropic tumour predisposition syndrome and its clinical features amongst Canadian pediatricians.

This website provides information on the DICER1 pleiotropic syndrome. We have created an anonymized database containing information on sample availability for DICER1 related projects. Samples in the database could be made available to other researchers showing they have valid academic credentials from a research institute.

This research project is conducted with support from the C17 and the HC Criança Ribeirão Preto - University of São Paulo, and funded by the Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation.